Top tips to boost body confidence


Body confidence is how we think and feel about the way we look. Part of having a positive body image is the ability to separate how we value ourselves from how we look. When we realise that self-worth is not linked to appearance we tend to feel much better about how we look. This is a key aspect to having a healthy relationship with your body and boosting your body confidence.

Society, media, and popular culture often shape how a person sees their own body, but popular standards are not always helpful. These unattainable standards are leading to many people feeling unhappy with their body or looks. In this post we aim to offer some helpful advice to help you boost your body confidence and live your best life.


Body composition is highly genetic. One body size or type is not better than another, beauty is subjective and there is beauty in everything and everyone. It is not fair or accurate to compare your body to other people.

Notice that some of your favorite people come in diverse bodies.  Seek out mentors, groups or communities where the focus is on other things beside bodies.


It’s no great secret that people who exercise regularly feel better about their bodies. However, research suggests that people who exercise for functional reasons (to get fitter, stronger or even to compete in something specific) tend to have a more positive body image than those that exercise to look better.

By channeling your energy into something more positive like exercising for enjoyment and health, and nourishing you’re body with healthy food you are more likely to gain a natural body confidence boost.


Start by writing a list of all the things you like about your body; include the amazing things that your body is capable of. Write compliments that you receive on post-it notes and stick then around your mirror at home. Create a happy folder at work full of work wins, thank yous and things that make you proud. Revisit this list, post-it notes and happy folder whenever body anxiety threatens to creep in.


Unfollow social media accounts that encourage you to set unrealistic body expectations. Airbrushing and filters

Social media isn’t reality; it’s just all the best bits your friends want you to see. Don’t get swept up in the ‘great things your friends are getting up to’ or ‘how amazing they look.’


Show your body some love. Introduce some simple pampering rituals into your weekly routines, from exfoliating, moisturising to DIY mani-pedis.

A regular massage has been reported to improve body confidence by researchers. If you ca afford to, this is your excuse for splashing out on a weekly massage.


Stop dressing to impress other people and start wearing what makes you feel good about yourself. Whether that’s comfy lounge wear or an interview outfit with boss attitude.

If you can afford to, invest in some new clothes that make you happy.


Standing or sitting up straight is the quickest and easiest way to enhance body confidence. It’ll make you look taller, slimmer and more confident too.


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You are not just your body. You are smart, funny, strong, talented, compassionate, accomplished, ambitious, athletic or a combination of the above. Appreciate those aspects of your personality more and you’ll get a self-love boost.