Things to do in the Summer Holidays with kids


It’s that time of year again, spring has arrived and thoughts have drifted to the summer holidays. After 3 months of winter, the sun is shining and it’s time to start planning for things to for the children to get them outside and off devices.

Even though travel restrictions have been relaxed, cost of living increases have made saving difficult, so here are some budget friendly ideas.

Spend an afternoon at the beach

The best way to spend a day in summer is by the Sea, and if you can’t go abroad you might need to get a local beach fix. Whether it’s just you and the children or your whole family, there are loads of things to do. You can go for a swim or just relax to the sounds of the crashing waves.

I’m lucky to live in Brighton with the beach on our door step, but most towns and cities in the UK are an hour away from the Beach maximum, or at least need a river.

If you want to make the most out of your time, put together some fun activities like fossil hunting, building sandcastles, and make sure you take a picnic.

brighton pier and beach


Visit family members outside of your town

The school terms are busy, with clubs and parties filling the weekends. So the summer holidays are the perfect time to go and see family, or even send the children to spend some quality time with their grandparents. You might not get the chance to see them very often and it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Explore a new part of your town or local city

Again, I’m lucky to live in a bustling city with many tourist attractions like the Sealife Centre and the pier, but we also have the South Downs on our doorstep. Despite living here my whole life, there are always places I’ve not visited and I plan to tick some off this summer.

Go camping with your friends (or even in the garden)

Camping is always a fun way to break out of your routine. We suggest going camping with your friends for an unforgettable experience. Set up camp in the woods, enjoy the fresh air and wildlife, and make delicious food over the fire. Camping is a great way to spend time with friends while also getting a change of scenery and fresh air.

If you want to sample it first, then you can put a tent up in the garden for that experience. Just be mindful at home or away, it can get cold at night and air mattresses make for a better nights sleep.

Have a movie night

Again, you can do this outside in the garden if you have a projector or big TV. A movie night is a great way to get everyone together. You just need to pick one everyone wants to watch.

Get some education in with some Historical Fun

Gloucester is a great place for getting your cultural fix. It has a number of medieval buildings you can visit, like Gloucester Cathedral.

Stonehenge is an ancient site has huge stones that were put together with no mortar or metal fittings, which makes it an incredible feat of engineering.

Tintagel Castle is a great explore for fans of legends and folklore and Canterbury Cathedral is one of the best preserved medieval cathedrals in Europe and is filled with historical significance.

Get Crafty

Arts and crafts can be great fun and an easy way to entertain the kids. Painting or drawing nature gets them outside too, and with a bit of glue and seashells you can keep all ages happy.

Go for a family bike ride

If you’re up for a bit of exercise, a family bike ride is a great way to get outside and spend some time together as a family. There are many picturesque routes in the UK to suit all abilities.