Outdoor Crafts for Kids


Children love the pleasure of making things from their own hands. These craft can impart hands-on skills and introduce kids to the world around them, are a wonderful way to engage with your children. In addition, outdoor activities provide opportunities for children to run around and have fun while learning how to handle their body movement.

Crafts are particularly useful if your children spend most of their time indoors; it develops creativity and helps spark imagination and curiosity in your kids. These activities can also expose kids to the wonders that nature has to offer. Outdoor crafts are an activity that molds your kids into fun-loving and adventure-seeking individuals.

Let’s get started with some exciting outdoor craft ideas for kids:

Dinosaur Craft for Kids:

What you need: kids love dinosaurs and will be thrilled with this craft.

· Modeling clay (green) – 2 blocks of modeling clay will suffice.

· Large Nylon or Plastic cloth – for the body of the dinosaur

· Modeling clay (brown) – to make brown spots on the green clay dinosaur.

· Scissors

· Glue or tacky tape – to stick the dinosaur’s body parts

· White crayon – for the teeth of the dinosaur.

How to do:

1. Take one of the green modeling clay blocks, knead it until it is soft and pliable. Form a long neck and the head of your dinosaur, taking care to make them look like a dinosaur head.

2. The dinosaur’s body should be formed from the other block of modeling clay. Make it a little shorter than the neck of your dinosaur to give your child a better idea of how big the dinosaur will look when completed.

3. Use a white crayon to draw teeth on both sides of the green clay head. Use scissors to cut out two or three curved lines on each side to create your dinosaurs’ ears. Ensure that the green clay head is large enough for your child to place his/her hand inside.

4. Stick your dinosaur’s head onto the green clay body using a tacky tape or glue.

5. Using a brown modeling clay, make many small spots on the belly and back of your dinosaur. Cut out some small scales from the brown modeling clay and place them all over the lower half of the dinosaur’s body, and on its arms and legs too. These scales will give your dinosaur a rough skin texture.

6. To finish, urge your child to draw a mouth in red or pink colored modeling clay and stick it on the green clay body of the dinosaur.

Final steps:

After the dinosaur is made, encourage your child to cut out a strip of green cloth for the tail. You can also hand over some strips of red cloth to make a tongue and eyes for the dinosaur. Another alternative is to use plastic straws for these parts. As your child works on making these, lay them aside until you are ready to make the craft. While making the craft, urge your children to use their imagination so that they can end up with a cute looking dinosaur.

Muddy Faces

I have the perfect outdoor craft for kids that is fun and so easy to participate in! Think how amazing it would be if trees had faces! Well, they can with this really easy activity that can be incorporated into any outdoor walk to the park or forest. It can even be done at home if you have a tree in your garden! So today I am going to show you how to create muddy forest faces! It’s such a simple activity that will get your child’s imagination running, literally, wild and one of the reasons why outdoor craft for kids is so engaging. Nature makes a great learning tool and helps kids realise the importance of nature.

You will need:

  • Small container of water
  • Something to dig with
  • Small jug or bowl
  • Collection pot or bag
  • Leaves, shells, pine cones, stones, twigs etc
  • Lots of Imagination!

Using the small container of water mix in a natural background for your muddy forest face. I have used organic gloop. You can get it from a garden centre or online. It creates a great texture to the mud. Mix in some natural elements such as leaves, pine cones, shells etc. Make as many different colours or muddy faces as you want.

Time to dig! Using the small jug or bowl, pour the wet mixture into it and place this onto the surface of a large leaf. Have the kids get dirty by digging into the mud (it’s messy and fun!). With their fingers, make facial features onto their face; eyes, mouth, nose etc. Use natural resources you have collected for this job such as stones or twigs.

After they have had enough of playing with their faces, it’s time to dry them off! By using the large leaf, place the mix sticks onto it and leave them to dry. This also creates autumnal muddy forest faces!

Once the muddy forest face has dried off you can even decorate your leaves with natural materials you may have collected. Put stones on top of the mud to create buttons or decorate using pine cones and leaves.

You now have your very own miniature muddy forest face which can be used as a rainy day activity or displayed in a glass cabinet.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and messy outdoor craft for kids! Do let me know in the comments below if you did, or if you have any other ideas for outdoor crafts.