How to transform your spare room into a dreamy nursery


Have you got a baby on the way? If so, creating a welcoming nursery is likely to be one of the main tasks on your to-do list. And with the extra significance a new arrival brings, it could be one of the most exciting renovation projects you ever undertake.

It’s actually predicted that the number of births recorded in the UK in 2021 will drop due to uncertainty around the job market. But for those with a little more time on their hands, now could be the perfect time to get planning.

Below we outline some items to add to your shopping list and other key considerations when turning a spare room into a nursery.

Pick a colour scheme

The colour scheme of a room is often the first thing you notice when walking in. For a child, the colour of their surroundings may even become one of their earliest memories.

You could keep things traditional and opt for pink or blue shades depending on their gender. For a more neutral take, or if you’re keeping the sex of your baby a secret, why not experiment with subtle tones interspersed with pops of vibrant colour?

Decorate with the baby in mind

With your base colour scheme in place, next are the flourishes that will stimulate their senses and make the space inviting for you to spend time in too.

Potential ideas for decorations include designing a patterned feature wall with contrasting colours and hanging appealing pictures above their cot and changing station. Adding a mirror or two at their eye level will also reflect light and attract their interest.

Also, carpet choice is essential as needs to be soft for baby to crawl on but also been easy-clean. Twist pile carpets are great value and both soft and durable. Most reputable companies have a clear carpet for kids section which gives you the choice of the right type of carpet for all budgets.

Invest in essential furniture

There are several must-have furniture items that you’ll want to invest in. A sturdy crib and changing table are two of them, plus a comfortable chair for mum and dad to sit in while feeding or watching over the little one.

New parents spend an average of £6,000 in the first year, and big-ticket items like this are likely to be among your largest initial spends. Using a credit card for these purchases is smart as you’ll be protected by the Consumer Credit Act should anything go awry.

Get smart with storage

Clothes, nappies, bottles, bibs – any parents will know little ones come with a lot of extras. Investing in suitable storage will help you get organised before they arrive.

Multifunctional options include chests of drawers that double up as changing stations, and chairs that offer room for storage underneath. Could you put up a couple of open shelves too to put some fun items on display?

Put safety first

Safety is one of the highest priorities for parents when designing a nursery. Look for marks of quality when buying furniture – all cots should conform to the British Safety Standard BS EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013, for example.

Other smart precautions include avoiding hanging shelving or other items directly above their cot and making sure the cot is visible from the doorway.

With all the above covered, you’ll have your dream nursery set up in no time.