How To Make Homemade Easter Cards for Kids That Can Be Sent To Friends and Family


Easter is a great time for families to spend quality time together. Easter eggs hunts are traditional, but there is also the joy of crafting homemade cards and can be a great activity for kids

The DIY Easter card tradition has been around for decades and can be made from any old craft supplies you have around the house. Kids will love coming up with their own designs and parents will enjoy watching their creativity come alive. We’ve gathered some of our favourite do it yourself card ideas that will make sharing your warm wishes even more special this Easter!

What You’ll Need

  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Coloured card stock
  • Glitter, crayons, stickers, and other materials for embellishing your card

homemade easter cards

How to Make a Card

Start by gathering your materials. First, you’ll need a base to work on which can be any colour card, construction paper or plain paper.

Next, cut out a piece of paper that is about an inch wider than the top and bottom of your base. The easiest way to do this is to fold it in half lengthwise and then place it over the centre of the base.

Slowly crease the edges so that there is still enough space for people to write inside. You can also draw a design on the front before folding it over and then cut out a window from one side of your design to show what is inside the card.

Choose any materials you have around the house like craft foam cut outs, googly eyes, stickers, feathers and other embellishments for decorating your cards with children’s favourite characters.

Finally, add some glue or tape along one edge to secure your paper together and wait until dry before sending off!

How to Make an Easter Egg Card

Get your kids involved with this super adorable Easter card idea. You’ll need a paper plate and some green paint. The kids can then use their fingers to paint the eggs in any style they like. Once the eggs are painted, set them aside to dry.

Once dry, have your kids glue the eggs to the paper plate in a way that looks like an Easter basket. Lastly, have them write “Happy Easter” on it using chalkboard paint or regular chalkboard markers.

How to Make a Basket of Flowers Card

Start by cutting out two long strips of construction paper. The strips should be the same length. One of the strips should be green, while the other strip should be white. Then cut two shorter pieces of construction paper (about 2 inches) and draw edges on both sides with a pencil or pen.

These pieces will become the ribbons that hold up the flowers. After drawing on the ribbons, cut them out. On one end of each ribbon, glue an end of a short strip (white). Fold this strip over onto itself to form a loop that can run through a hole punch (optional). Once all these steps have been completed, glue one end of each ribbon onto the top edge of one side of your long strip so that it hangs over about 1 inch at the bottom end.

Gently fold this ribbon over and tuck it under itself to form another loop that can go through a hole punch (optional). Repeat these steps on the other side with your other long strip and set aside to let dry completely before moving on to assembling your card. When everything is dry and ready, adhere a flower template to your “ribbon loops,” then create flowers by folding over one

How to Make a Bunny or Chick Card

This card is perfect for any little one on your list. The materials needed are: a cotton ball, round toothpick, and pipe cleaner. Simply twist the pipe cleaner into the shape of whichever animal you wish to make. Next, poke a whole through the top of the cotton ball and push it onto the end of the toothpick with enough room for both hands to go around.

Finally, tie a loop in at the bottom of the pipe cleaner and give your bunny or chick some eyes with some marker or paint. You can also add a smiley face for added cuteness!