Halloween Toilet Tube Crafts


This is a simple Halloween craft activity for your little monsters to keep them entertained and to make some great decorations. Here are just some ideas and you can add to them with new ghosts and ghouls.

So for this, you will need:

  • Toilet tubes
  • Green, purple, orange, black paint
  • White toilet tissue
  • Black and white craft foam
  • Glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Green Card
  • Boggly Eyes
  • Black pen/sharpie

Halloween Toilet Tube Crafts


Black Bats: Fold down and pinch together the top of your toilet tube to form the bat ears. Paint the whole thing, Black. Using the black foam, cut out some Bat wings. Cut it so that both wings are on one piece of foam. Glue the centre of the bat wings and stick it across the back of your tube. Stick on some googly eyes. Finally cut out a little set of fangs in the white foam and stick it below the eys to create the mouth.

Orange Pumpkin: Paint the whole tube orange. Create a hem for the top from the green card and stick. Cut out a stem from the green card and stick it to the top. Cut out a mouth (whatever shape you want) from the black foam. Glue it with some googly eyes above.

Purple Monster: Paint the whole tube Purple. using whatever coloured card you like (we used green) make some hair and stick it to the top. Stick on as many eyes as you wish in varying sizes. create a mouth using the black foam and add some little teeth using the white foam.

Frankensteins Monster: Paint the whole tube Green (ours contained glitter – its kind of cool). Cut out some hair from the black foam. Cut out some bolts from the black foam. Again do this in one piece and glue to the back of the toilet tube. Cut out a mouth from the black foam. Stick on some googly eyes. Finish off with a black sharpie by adding a few scars/stitches here and there.

White Ghost: Glue white toilet tissue to the toilet tube. Cut out a big wide mouth from the black foam and two little eyes. Stick it to the tissue.

Hope you enjoy our Halloween craft activity ideas. I can’t believe how easy these are to make. Do you have a favourite, I think mine is the little bat! There are so many different Halloween spooks you could create using toilet tubes, why don’t you give it a go and see what you come up with?