Bringing your Fairy Garden to Life!


    10 Top Tips for an Interactive Fairy Garden!

    So you have your fairy garden, what next? Since our fairy garden arrived I have been working really hard to keep the magic alive with Fin. Our is not just for show. We have real, live fairies living in our garden. They come out to play, they party and they are mischievous! Here are my top 10 tips for creating a magical, interactive fairy garden that will stimulate your child’s imagination!

    Create an ambience – you will need a speaker like the Panasonic Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Hide the speaker as best you can near your fairy garden. A speaker like this would be perfect. It’s small, compact, with great sound quality. It is also fully waterproof. so it’s protected if accidentally splashed, especially when it comes to watering your garden with your little one. I would suggest the best track for your fairy garden ambience has to be ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy‘ by Tchaikovsky. Take your children out to play and subtly turn on the music. Magic, the fairies are real and they are having a party!

    Create a living, breathing garden – Grow some plants, it’s a great way to teach responsibility to children. Especially if you don’t have pets. Children can look after and take care of the plants for the fairies. There are many plants out there, but there are certain ones that are great for fairy gardens: Angel’s Tears, Corsican Mint, Platt’s Back, Brass Buttons to name a few. But small, low growing compact plants are best with perhaps one taller plant for height.

    Grow some fruit and veg within the fairy garden – In summer, strawberries would be perfect. Tend to the plants until the fruits are mature. Tell your child the fairies will let you know when they are ready to pick. Buy some edible glitter, sprinkle over the ripe fruits and wait for your child to spot the sparkly fruit!

    Give your fairies gifts – Did you know that fairies can bestow good luck upon your house if they live in your garden? Did you also know fairies can be easily offended? Best give them some offerings to keep them happy. Buy some silver thimbles and fill them with milk, then leave them outside your fairy door/house. Once the fairies have finished their drink, place the empty thimble near to where you originally placed it. Why not show your child how pleased the fairies were with their offering by leaving a little gift for your child by the door. Finlay loves this!

    Set up some tea light candles around your fairy garden (or use battery ones if you feel it’s safer) – Fairies like to come out in the early hours of the evening. Sit patiently with your little one to see if you can spot some fairies together over the tealights. Using the handy Bluetooth speaker, turn on the fairy music. It’s best to watch from a distance. If you disturb them they might hide or turn into statues!

    Buy some little fairy ornaments – If your fairies don’t have enough time to hide then they turn into statues. This is a great way to create some magic. Plant the fairies about every now and again and let your little one discover them. This way your child will think they have caught them in the act! They don’t like being touched when in statue form so best to leave them be. When you’re not looking, they will turn back into fairies and run away! Hide the ornaments away where they can’t be seen between outings otherwise you might have some explaining to do!

    Create some fairy garden crafts – Pinterest is a haven of craft ideas for fairy gardens. As well a making your garden pretty, your child will be getting creative and will feel a sense of pride for the gifts they have made for their fairies. There are simple crafts for tiny fingers and more complex ideas for older children. Some of my favourites are rock toadstools, twig swings, lollypop stick gates, marble creatures and glitter wings!

    Create some magical fairy footprints – Cut out two tiny feet shapes in some card. Get some glitter and sprinkle over the feet. Carefully lift up your little feet. Your fairies have left their glittery mark (If you do this outside be careful on blustery days)! you can have one pair of feet or a trail – a bit messy but very magical!

    Go on a fairy hunt – Typically, midsummers eve is the best time to see fairies as the veil between our worlds is most transparent. We have missed that this year, but that doesn’t stop us going on a fairy hunt any other time of the year. You don’t have to be limited to your garden either. Find somewhere such as a forest walk and have a little bit of fun!

    10 Attend a fairy festival – OK, so this one isn’t to do with your fairy garden, but it keeps the magic alive. There are several running throughout the year. Coming up is the New Forest Fairy Festival on 12th & 13th August (’17). These events are family-friendly and you can learn all there is about fairies!

    How do you keep the magic alive with your fairy garden, do you have anything to add?