3 Ways Giving Up Alcohol Makes You a Better Mother

3 Ways Giving Up Alcohol Makes You a Better Mother

We’ve all seen the alcohol-based memes directed at mothers. You know the ones, they say things like: “The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine you have to drink” or “I can’t wait for the day when I can drink with my kids instead of because of them”. 

Hilarious, huh? 

It almost makes alcoholism aspirational. 

This advertising targeted towards women – and specifically women with children – not only gives the impression it’s okay to reach for the bottle as soon as the kids have gone to bed but, if you don’t, are you even parenting properly?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having the occasional glass of wine, but if you’re regularly racing through the bedtime story to get to that bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that’s currently chilling in the fridge, perhaps it’s time to reassess your relationship with alcohol. 

So, if you count the seconds until wine o’clock, your TOPSCO kitchen worktops are heaving under the weight of gin bottles, and you relate uncomfortably well to those #winemom memes, here’s how giving up alcohol will make you a better mother.  

fun things with kids

You’ll have more energy to do things with your children

Your children have run you ragged all day and your nerves are shattered. You’re so on edge you’re never going to sleep. So what do you do? Pour yourself a large one while telling yourself you deserve it after the day you’ve had? 

Alcohol disrupts sleep so, even though you may think a large glass of wine or gin will help you to sleep when you’re wired, your actual sleep won’t be as good as it would be without any alcohol at all running through your veins. 

Go to bed sober and you’ll wake up refreshed with more energy to cope with the demands of bringing up children. 

Best of all, you won’t ever let your child down again by not doing something you promised to do but couldn’t because you were too hungover.

You’ll be more present for your child

Not drinking means you’re always there for your child. Not just because, as we said above, you won’t have a hangover stopping you from doing the fun stuff with them on a Saturday morning but their demands will become more important to you than your glass of wine. 

You’ll be able to focus 100% of your attention on helping them with their homework, being a sympathetic ear when they’re upset about a squabble they’ve had with their friends, and making sure they clean their teeth properly before they go to bed. 

More importantly, should you need to drive them somewhere in an emergency, you’ll be able to without worrying you’re over the limit. 

You’ll be healthier and will live longer

Alcohol lowers your immune system and will make you more receptive to colds and other lurgies that will affect your capability of looking after your children to the best of your abilities. Giving up drinking will reduce the likelihood of you catching a cold or virus and, not only that but drinking can take years off your life, so giving up drinking means you’ll have more years to spend with your children and them with you. 

There are countless other benefits to giving up alcohol, such as having more money and therefore being able to save up for a mortgage deposit, and not having your drunken escapades gossipped about at the school gates. 

Taking the above into consideration, isn’t it time you called time on your drinking?